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Equestrian Silica Sand

High-grade, sub-angular grained silica sand. Effective drainage and sound compaction make it perfect for equestrian use.

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Ideal for Riding Arenas, Lunges, Gallops, Race Tracks and Turnouts
Availability Loose or 1 Tonne Bulk Bags
Min Order Qty 1 Tonnes Loose or 1× Bulk Bag

Silica Sand has very fine sub-angular grains that promote effective drainage and sound compaction hence being suitable for equestrian use, such as riding arenas, lunges, gallops, race tracks and turnouts. The angular grains maintain firmness, whilst providing a comfortable and cushioned feel for those navigating their way across the surface.

  • High grade 96% silica
  • Fine sub-angular grains
  • Effective drainage and sound compaction


All sands will perform better with moisture. Throughout prolonged dry spells it’s advised that you water the sand. However if the sand is mixed rubber chip or stabilising fibre, this can improve firmness, and the performance of the sand.

All newly laid Silica Sand surfaces will require a period of settling before performing at their best although this process can be sped up by watering.

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