• Close up of synthetic stabilising fibres

Stabilising Fibre Bales

Recycled nylon polymer fibres that stabilise sand riding surfaces whilst also retaining moisture levels and helping reduce deep riding.

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Ideal for Riding arenas, lunges, gallops and turnouts
Availability Round Bales (approx. ½ tonne)
Min Order Qty 1 Bale

Stabilising Fibre will dramatically enhance the performance of any sand surface. It can be easily incorporated into new or existing sand.

The components of the fibre are purpose manufactured and selected for the desired properties required for an equestrian riding surface.

The fibre being of purely synthetic origin will not break down or degrade thus enhancing the life expectancy of the product.

  • Improves the stability of new or existing sand surfaces
  • Aids moisture retention
  • Cost effective
  • Greater consistency in varying weather conditions and minimises effect of frost
  • Rides on top of surface
  • Environmentally friendly

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Bale (approx. ½ tonne)

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